The Pleasures of Prostate Massage. 

1)  Ejaculation Reflex Sensation-  The prostate can never be touched directly. Indirectly it can be accessed via the rectal wall, with a membrane dividing them.  This membrane is a bit like the thickness and flexibility of a latex glove. The lobes of the prostrate, under these circumstances, are highly sensitive to pressure with a selection of sensations produced by pressing, rubbing and/or stroking the gland through the rectal wall. At its ultimate these feelings touch on the sensation which occurs during ejaculation, as the prostate gland starts pumping up sperm.

2)  Anal Sensitivity-  Along with your penis, balls, and surrounding area, the anus is connected to and crisscrossed with millions of sensitive nerve endings, which can induce very pleasurable feelings.

3) Hidden Penis- Surprisingly, at least one third of your penis is buried inside your body. With some men it is a little more, with others a little less.  It is at the base of this penis, the part that is hidden, which may be manipulated in the same manner as the prostate. The effect this can have, of stimulating all three, if done at the same time as genital stimulation, is out of this world. There is just not the physiological effects, but also the psychological aspect in regards to a G-Spot massage to experience.

4)  Psychological High- The physiological stimulation is nothing compared to greater psychological and/or mental elation. The act of my visitor placing himself into such a submissive, vulnerable position, induces a powerful mental high, for both him and I.  A man who may be ‘in charge out there, in the world’ is able to grant himself a vulnerable, in some cases new role… now as a submissive.  This is something I am still emotionally touched by.  The trust my visitors place in me.

Preparation –

Just like any other intimate activity, hygiene is of the utmost importance and an essential component for this type of play. You will be expected to have done a full bowel movement on the day of your appointment before arriving to so see me.

I am meticulously clean and I expect the same of you.  Latex gloves and sterile water based lubricant is a given.

Partaking of a hot shower is on offer prior to the massage.  This is a good way to prepare for my touch, cleanse yourself outwardly, also helping towards relaxation of your muscles, and aiding the fantasy and anticipation of what is going to occur.

To help relaxation-

a)  I may massage your abdomen before commencing with the G-Spot massage.

b)  You may have your eyes open or closed during the massage.

Positions include

a) On your back on the massage table, with knees/legs up and slightly out to the sides. My Medical Japanese sling is also another piece of equipment ideal for this position.

b) On you stomach, tilted over a specially designed hourglass shaped massage bench.