Holistic Focused Massage, that is both erotic, sensual, relaxing and releasing. 

Holistic focused massage can help extend erotic and sensual pleasure. The world ‘out there’ disappears. Your problems don’t seem so pressing and/or ease into the background.   This type of massage has been described as a pathway to sexual ecstasy.

The massage will consist of

a)  First lying comfortably on your stomach with your legs a little apart. I then slowly and gently massage your shoulders, arms, back, buttocks legs and feet,with with a non-fragrant oil (or fragranced, if you prefer).

b)  Then turning over and lying on your back.  There are overhead mirrors if you choose to watch this segment form a distance. The focused here is on the torso, front legs, face and head before moving to the genital region.

This focused massage is an all over full body massage where all of your body is given attention and care.

Here there will be special focus on your genital and anal areas (if requested). A skilfull application of both focused massage techniques, equipment, toys, visualisations, with breathing, will help to intensify your receptivity. The build up will be increased. There is the option for me to prolong the experience, with your staying relaxed and focused, using Lingam massage techniques.

A sensual erotic massage session together with Lingam massage is often metaphorically called a happy ending massage, for its ability to deliver not only ultimate relaxation, but also deep sexual pleasure.

I have a state of the art massage table with bolsters, extra length extensions, adjustable head rests etc.