VARIOUS KINKS: So here you are, in front of me, on your knees, worshipping my beautiful black thigh-high boots. I notice the amount of pleasure you receive as your lips and tongue explore the soft leather. I also explored new ground, didn’t I?……. when ordering you to eat the remnants of a biscuit I had chewed and then spat out, whilst you were on on your knees, hands behind your back, submitting to me, Mistress Hourglass. Being made to drink my warm salty urine was something you had not done before, that you had felt some anxiety around, but in the intensity of the moment…….. submitted. And your reward, the realization of how wonderfully degrading and erotic these experiences were. There was also surprise as to how much enjoyment can be gained by the experience of having me apply electrics to your tender cock and balls. Standing rope-tied against the rack, while I stood before you in my boots testing different voltages on you was exhilarating, for both of us! And there was the remembrance of that one particular standout moment when the pain became so sharp and intense that, when looking at your face, I noticed your just suddenly slipping into pure ecstasy. What a pleasure for me to have such a submissive visit my chamber.