“I have developed a deep understanding of the beautiful world of BDSM

and the intensity and beauty that can be achieved through it.”


Let me share with you now a recent session, which included my love of such things such as bondage and restraint, cbt, electrics, feminisation, hot wax, anal play, watersports and medical aspects (sounds)…….
Of course there were the physical aspects, but also a love of  the psychological side.  As is said, “the mind is the largest erogenous zone”.

For this visitor, let us call him ‘d’,  to step into my chamber, to leave the world out there…….. to enter another diminution and be taken over by me, Dominatrix Hourglass, in mind as well as body, what a thrill that is.  There was his desire to serve and belong, to ‘be taken so very deeply in so many ways’ as he said.

…….. And there he was before me, smeared in glossy lipstick, as he struggled to put on a pair of my lace top stockings.  He needed to be instructed in the stretch & roll-up technique.  Think about it reader, no visitor can claim to leave without some new training under his belt!!  The fantasies he had of being before me, tightly restrained on my upright bondage frame, with a mummified torso in cling film, became a reality.  My chamber is a place where another dimension has an opportunity to come alive.

And most certainly, his genital regions were ‘alive ‘ and buzzing…LOL.  I smeared Electro gel on his tender regions, over the shaft, head and balls.  Then my expanding cock straps, wet down for an ultimate snug contact, where plugged into the creme-de la-creme of electro boxes.  At points like this during his visit, his vulnerability and being totally under my control are so, SO apparent.  I noted his eyes becoming soft and dreamy, as he drifted off into subspace.

I loved to stand very close, drawing myself into his personal space. I forced him to look into my hypnotic eyes as I explored various treatments on him, then whispering in his ears how much he belonged to me.   All mine, to do as I so choose. I forced his mouth open and slowly dribbled my saliva into it. I use the word forced, but in reality he was all but willing. I hinted at what was to come next, how I was going to train him up to be my ‘oh, so willing’ submissive and how he needed to please me.

He watched me slip my knickers to one side and deposit my golden nectar into a Swedish cut crystal champagne glass.  I then had him drink my warm liquid that had come from so deep within me.  A treat is ever there were one!  A reward for having endured the harsh throbbing pain of my electro cock bands.  My real understanding of the wonderful world of BDSM and the opportunities and depths that can be achieved are exploited at every turn during the session…

As I reminded him, his expressed desire to submit, combined with cock-and-ball torture…… to hear that, what music to my ears.

At one point, I slipped a blindfold over his eyes and then, in his excitement and fear regarding the unexpected, he had to grapple with my pouring red hot wax over his cock.

Later I slowly inserting different sized stainless steel sounds into the shaft of his penis, taking total control of him – reinserting my authority!  Now and then, there was a sniff of ‘medicine’ for relaxation purposes.

D-e-e-p-l-y  i-n-h-a-l-i-n-g, then d-e-e-p-l-y e-x-h-a-l-i-n-g in between, ‘d’ looking deeply in my eyes….. as it took effect.  My telling him how much he belong to me and seeing just how much he wanted to be with me.  His desperation to receive my treatments was all to apparent.

I was fully aware that he had not be able to stop thinking about me.  My being very close to him ‘for real’, rather than just glimpses of me from photographs.  The longing to be before me, to look into my deep blue eyes as I inflict my various treatments on him…….. this longing being realised.

After commenting on what a wonderful pair of legs I, Dominatrx Hourglass have, he paid his respects when I ordered him to e-x-p-l-o-r-e!   His wet tongue, slowly but surely, under my exacting instructions, traced the seams up the back of my Cuban fully fashioned nylons.  And with all the work he had to do, to please me, I noticed afterwards his lipstick was smudged.  So when reapplying mine, I then applied the same to his lips, caressing and teasing them with my red ‘tip’.

And naturally I went on and filled all of his senses (or as he described them ‘orifices’).  His eyes with my visual presence, his ears with my soft hypnotic voice, his nostrils with my scented breasts so close, his mouth with my golden liquid, his tongue with my seamed nylons, his cock with my sounds, and his anus with my latex gloved finger and assorted anal toys.  I was probing……. and getting deeper and deeper inside him.

I know that I, Dominatrix Hourglass, had him so excited and desperate to experience ‘release’ through receiving my  treatments.  I could have had him literally begging me to hurt him even more and more.  He confessed readily that his interest in BDSM started many years ago with a girlfriend who used to dress him in her stockings, tie him to the bed and tease and torment him for hours on end.  Since then, his need for this type of interaction and release had grown.  That is was not only a physical need, as I said earlier, but a release need on a psychological level.

And with his trust in me so total, knowing I would not exploit him past his limits (though I certainly explored these limits!!), the power exchange within this BDSM exchange was so beautifully intense here.  I could easily have had him begging me not to stop, but to go on forever…

The two hours passed so quickly,  but it allowed me a greater scope to get deep within his mind.

And on preparing to leave I did let ‘d’ know that before his next evening return visit,  he will be instructed to wear a pair of stockings under his trousers during that day.  This will be a warm up……. towards his feelings of submission towards me……. later……