BLACK PVC MAID’S OUTFIT: I get an excited response from you when hearing of my new maid’s outfit that has just arrived in the post. This is just what is needed to compliment the black & pink trim tutu petticoat. I feel you tremble as I help you squeeze your broad hairy chest into the outfit. What a site to behold. There is a lot of work to be done to make you look a convincing slutty maid!! I choose a black ‘china girl’ wig to compliment the black PVC, with red mac lipstick. Wonderful make, it does not stain!! I brush down the front of your crisp white apron, noting the bulge developing under all the frill!! I inspect your lace stocking tops and run my finger tips down your suspender grips. A bit of deportment is in order. You hobble around, clearly it will take some time for slutty maid to master the art of walking in baby pink spiky court shoes! Better to have you bent over my spanking frame…… at least your feet can have a rest then (note what an ‘understanding’ Mistress I am…LOL). As all sluts need to be taught the ways of the world…… I, Mistress Hourglass, with a gloved cool, silky latex hand, proceeds to violate your man ‘pussy’. You squeal in pleasure, so I take off one pair of the 2 pairs of knickers I am wearing, the frilly ones…. and stuff them in your panting mouth. Later, you get the opportunity to honor my beautiful veiny black cock, deep throat style. I had heard how you were a ‘virgin’, but I would question that with the gusto I observed with every l-i-c-k & s-u-c-k. There are some things that you certainly don’t need Mistress Hourglass to teach you the art of……!!