OTK + ELECTRICS: I rub the electro cream into my spanking hand, calmly. Then, I smear it over your buttocks sensually… before attaching a electro sticky pad to the top of the crease of your buttocks and the other to the top side of my hand. And then, after setting up the ‘creme de la creme’ of electro boxes, I get to work, you over my knee. And what a pleasure, surprising you with an extra zing, shall I say, to your awaiting buttocks!! Every squeal takes you back to counting 1….. and you start again. I notice my name is not included in the thank you uttered after each bit of contact……. so I demand you start again. Compliance is the ‘name of the game’, something you for get with your nerves. “Thank you Mistress Hourglass, 1”, “thank you Mistress Hourglass, 2”, “Thank you Mistress Hourglass, 3″…… At one point your voice is getting a little loud, so I utter menacingly in you ear to c-a-l-m down, or else! It amuses me as I feel your torso tremble above me. I note the smell of salty sweat emitted from your pores. Fear, that is the sign of fear. I laugh…… and order you to stand up. There before me is a sign of arousal. “How dare you, how long have you had that for, did I give you permission’. There is a smirk on your face. I quickly wipe it off with a growing favourite of mine, bamboo cane coming into contact with tender regions.