NOVICE CP: I’m so close, but…… so far. Tied tightly, pinned down to my curved spanking bench. Not able to move, helpless and exposed. I am amused by the situation the submissive finds himself in. A novice who enquired about some light CP without marks and then found himself, within what seemed like a matter of seconds…… under my expert hand…… a spell. I spank his virginal bum with pants up, warming up the bony buttocks. I observe the pinkness, virginal quality of his molds when peeping under his pants. ‘Come on, it’s important for me to explore your limits’, I say teasingly, as I pull his pants down. He feels the palm of my cupped hand, expertly exploring, then out comes my paddle, my leather strap…… No marks, but a thud and sharp intake of breath. 6 of the best, then building up to 12 of the best. Rests in between. A rhythmic tempo develops as he learns to honor my craft by keeping count of the strokes…… I rest my cool buttocks between sets, against his hot cheeks….. and e – n – j – o – y.