LEG/BUTTOCK WORSHIP: ‘I have rather taken to having you slave, down on all fours, your nose literally touching the floor, get on with it!’ There is something so pathetic, but sensual at the same time, viewing the curve of your spine reaching up to your buttocks, spread up in the air. I stand in front of you, but then turn away, so my back faces you. ‘Worship my long, l-o-n-g legs’……, ‘slowly, I said s-l-o-w-l-y, what is the rush!!?’……. I experience body worship right up to my fleshy, cool, creamy buttocks. ‘I want to feel the pressure of your tongue against my silkiness, so get on and honour my smooth flesh with passion!’…… ‘One buttock, now the other…… slowly, s-l-o-w-l-y trace your tongue now down the other leg’…… I turn around and face you, your mouth an inch from My crotch. ‘Some things, you will never, ever partake in slave. That is your lot, to want, to have to wait……. FOREVER, indulging the Superior Sex in their whims’. ‘A crumb here, a crumb there…… only crumbs FOR YOU, PATHETIC SLAVE’. I laugh and walk off.