HARD CORE CBT: I stand in front of you with my leather chain bra on, military leather cap….. and stare at what has been presented to me. What a miserable site to behold. Not only are you not able to touch your toes when commanded to, but there is a boil on your bum!! Drastic action is required to instill some discipline into what I suspect is a slovenly approach to life. You confess to having had your hands down your pants when looking at my web site gallery photos!!!!!!! Did you get my permission, NO. So, punishment is the order of the day. There is no let up. I tie your nether regions tightly, TIGHTLY, with army boot laces and then proceed to squeeze your balls to an inch of their pathetic lives…….LOL. I scratch the hairy, fleshy underside and then slap them hard….. with one hand and then building up to between both hands. No half measures here. Now and then I miss on purpose, just to see you squirm for nothing. You squeal out in pain as I crush your cock in my firm grip, but I don’t hear ‘RED’, the safe word, so continue on my merry way. I pinch and probe with clothes pegs and kick with my left knee. You look startled, dazed. I have great balance and the sharp pain is strategically placed between your legs. You beg, and beg….. for mercy, but I still hear no safe word, so decide to place the whole region in my cock and ball presser….LOL. At this point I note your face has gone an ashen hue…. Maybe you have forgotten the safeword……LOL. Oh dear, a big strong man like you, now falling to your knees. ‘GET UP, STAND UP STRAIGHT, SHOULDERS BACK, STOMACH IN’. There is a time and place for everything and your moment has come. My electric fly squat hails torment down on the top of your tender, exposed cock. Next I have you lie down, flat on the floor. You seem to sink into the position and then GO AND PLACE YOUR HANDS BEHIND YOUR HEAD!!! You quickly realise that that was not a wise move when I take my stiletto tip and ram it into your tenderised ‘bits’. I then push the sole of my shoe against the underside of your balls……. showing you who is boss around here. I demand to be entertained with a ‘lift off” after I count down from 50 to 0…….. and NOT before…… OR ELSE!!