CUBAN FULLY FASHIONED NYLONS: “Kneel before me, on one of my red velvet cushions, treasure the sight of my nylons, like your life depends on it, because it just may!”. I come closer. My long slender legs and beautifully turned out ankles tower above you. For my amusement I command you to take your least dominant hand and stroke….. and stroke that pressing need between your hairy, manly legs. I bet you want me to touch you, but instead I just watch, take note, like a cat with a mouse. I then require a lingering touch as you slowly trace the seam of my cuban fully fashioned nylon stockings with you wet pink tongue. I feel that tongue come higher and high up my one leg. Eventually you reach my old fashioned garter belt, “trace my suspenders with that hot tongue of yours, put your heart into it, or I will punish you”. And naturally you do what you are told, why would you do otherwise! I feel the pressure of your tongue through the fabric…… I compliment you. The sessions of training, where I have indulged you in My presence, are leaving their mark. My eyelids start to close, My body relaxes…… what I Mistress Hourglass want, I get!