CLING FILM: ‘So many ways, so little time’ to assert my dominance with this prop. There you are, stuck against the upright bondage frame, the pressure of the clear film encasing your flesh, binding you to the leather backing. And then I wander over…… slowly……. a big grin on my face, perch my stiletto heels on the attached leather step, hoist myself up against you….. My breasts pressing firmly against your chest, bringing my eyes close, so close, but so far…………. and press my body up against yours. you feel My weight, My cool, calm breath brushes against your flushed face. your cock twitches in anticipation, surrounded on either side by My strong thighs. Of course, My legs are slightly apart, unlike yours, commanded to be touching each other. I bounce My pelvis, my latex clad sweaty pussy above that willy of yours. I have it firmly under My control. “Oh dear, there is only one way you are going to get out of this ‘v-e-r-y c -o -m p-r-o-m-i-s-i-n-g position you find yourself in……. and that is by PLEASING ME, do you understand”….LOL.