ANAL NURSE: So you are in a hurry are you? I don’t do hurry, I take my time. That arse belongs to Me, wriggle it, stick it up higher, you need to present it. Mmm, I’m inspecting the goods……. Grip my gloved finger, harder, HARDER. Nurse Hourglass needs to feel your anal muscles, make sure everything is in working order. The butt lube smeared over that region will allow for easy insertion. I gauge what sized dildo to perform my next probing with. I select carefully, encase it in a condom then come over and stand in front of your face. Time to lick, to honour, treasure what is going to bring you much pleasure. You gasp….. and do things with that black cock that I didn’t even know about! “First time is it?”, I ask casually. You glance up at me sheepishly. “I, Mistress Hourglass have my ways and means of finding out all your secrets, nothing escapes My notice”. I look forward to My thrusting, slowly, in and out, in and out….. I hear escape from you a groan. Best to ease of, I say to myself….. as you need to beg!