With a sly, knowing smile on my face I comment, “It’s like being jolted away to another planet, is it not, my milking slave?”  The thrust of the cylinder, with your enclosed cock tightly held in place, has quite extraordinary rejuvenation powers… LOL. I can’t but be impressed with my handiwork as your once flaccid offering expands to a new unimaginable length.  “This once timid cock is getting a work out like it never has experienced before, look how hard and stiff it is!!”. I love the slurping sound and have to grip the cylinder firmly as it seems to have a mind of its own. Playfully I tell you that it’s time for discipline…. orgasm control, not orgasm release.  “No blast off without my permission”…. lol.  I can tell from the look on your face, the tension in your body, the way you my milking slut curl up your toes… that there is great difficulty in holding back.  This amuses me.  The thought of disobeying your strict sensual mistress… brings such trepidation that you somehow hold on, but just!!…….. I play with you and savour your predicament, with my Venus 2000 colluding…. I toy around with the various knobs – such as air being forced in so as to produce a long, more sensual stroke, then pushed out to induce a shorter, friskier sensation…. LOL.  Reducing speed, increasing speed….. until that wonderful moment when you hear my command, “you have my permission to experience release, now” and out bursts an offering to make your mistress proud. Instantly the heightened tension seeps out of your body . You flop to one side, rested and rejuvenated on my well padded massage bench.