Lady Hourglass requires a spotless environment at all times so the slut is told to clean it to her exacting demands. Nipple clamps are applied to ‘encourage her’. When it gets to providing a sparkling toilet, the slut’s hand are tied behind her back and she must use her…….. tongue, like a tropical lizard!  As a test, Lady Hourglass spits banana on the seat (as you can read, we are keeping to the tropical theme…LOL). Best to keep the slut very busy. Idle hands, or in this case, idle tongues…….. lead to bad habits!  Sordid habits that need to be ‘nipped in the bud’.  What else is the slut’s tongue made for other than to clean up behind her Lady.  Every inch of the toilet is seen to.  Lady Hourglass sits on the edge of the bath during proceedings and makes sure that no corners are cut in this particular quest. As the slut’s tongue gets to grip with this ‘delightful’ task, Lady Hourglass giggles to herself. What a pathetic creature the slut is.   Only the dirtiest jobs are available for her to prove her worth and devotion to Lady Hourglass. It is noticed that the slut has enthusiasm, as she lifts the lid and runs her tongue around the rim in clockwise, then anti-clockwise movements. The slut is VERY fortunate that Lady Hourglass is prepared to train her up in this exacting task.