…… shoeshine boy goes down to the tube after his session with me.  As he is standing there, two ladies board. ‘ Click click click’, he realizes Mistress Hourglass’s herbal Viagra must have still been working because it’s at this point he regrets having left her chamber with no boxers on!  Luckily he has a bag that he manages to cover up his very taught erection. There is also the very sensitive head rub against the material in his trousers to cope with.  Then, this oozing sensation and the slightest of damp patches could be felt. Quite a bit to contend with, do you not think reader?

And on the subject of erections, sitting here typing away I imagine shoeshine boy finds himself with that aching feeling.  There is still the taste of leather from My stilettos.  There are also some lovely marks on his cock and balls courtesy of My beautiful trampling all over this region.  I KNOW he is missing Me already.  I know he did just  not want to leave tonight.  Just think, he could still be here now in My chamber,  working his tongue all over those gorgeous boots I were wearing.  As it is, he spied the Black Stilettos I wore last time he visited Me.  Mmmmmmm,  lovely.  And, he knows how so so so amazingly wonderful I am Mistress Hourglass, to him.  Yes, he does not deserve Me but is so happy to have found someone who not only accepts who he is, but encourages him!!  So, shoeshine boy may, on another occasion, maybe next time… be lucky enough to lie at My feet.  Naturally I will be even more deliciously CRUEL to him, make him suffer even more than this evening….. because to suffer for Me, Mistress Hourglass, makes him so happy.

Mmm, he is bursting at the moment with the image of Me in My striped Stilettoes that have been brought up on his screen.  They tease and tantalise him.  I know he would love to clean those for me, Mistress Hourglass…. to just crawl behind Me hoping to snatch any opportunity to shower them with kisses and long loving licks.  Every lick, every kiss is done for Me with devotion and love.

To be caressed and gently kissed.  The soles endlessly cleaned to Mistress Hourglass’s exacting standards (standards which he knows he has not yet reached) and those heels… he would beg Me to leave My heel marks all over him, absolutely beg Me. Go on…. BEG shoeshine boy.