A gentle build up of electric current to a not so gentle peak, like waves crashing against the shore…….. that is what my heart desires…… on your expectant sensitive mid-regions.

The slow build up during the stroke fosters a feeling of foreboding and anticipation, while the peak intensity is a brief passing crescendo.  Just perfect for you, my ‘humble servant’… read on.

To consider the following – a two fold attack.  I begin normally, teasingly attaching the adjustable electro cock bands.  Then there is the establishment of a modest degree of discomfort.  This level can be sustained without further attention. Then, putting the Electro box to one side I change into a sensual, teasing Modus Operandi.  Getting up close and personal, whispering, teasing with my perfumed body, sensually exploring my humble, captive servant.  All these sensual teases that I am expert at using.

And the result? A simultaneous bombardment of both painful and pleasurable sensations very quickly reducing  you to a state of high confusion and disorientation.  Now you are completely subjugated and like putty in my hands.

The rhetorical question, ‘you will take a little more pain for me slave, or will you not?’…… as I continue my exploration…

(For my ‘HS’)