I command you to lie on your back on the hard cold, unyielding wooden floor, “A well earned reward is on the cards of you”.  I notice the pupils of your eyes dilate. All session long I sense you have waited for this moment.  So much hardship has been endured, the probing of my bi-polar electric rod up your anus, the lashing of my rattan cane……. just so as to prove your worthiness to be smoothed by my beautiful, full, creamy soft busom. I kneel down at you side and firmly cuff your wrists, above your head, to the Queening stool…. then I smile that smile, that ‘I know what you want” sort of smile. Tenderly I reach forward and place my natural breasts just above your face, but don’t lower them…. not yet.  So… I ask, ‘what has been the most rewarding moment up until now slave?”  I only hear a whisper in response and command you to speak up, “LOUDER”.  “Your hard erect nipples caressing my back when I was bent over the spanking bench Mistress”.  “Mistress WHO??”, I respond.  “Mistress Hourglass…. I am just so overwhelmed I forget my manners, please forgive me Mistress Hourglass”. The compliant nature I have induced in you isvery arousing for me. I have had to deal with a wayward sub who entered my chamber rather full of himself, but now you are like putty in my hands. “You are my Goddess, my Queen…. please, I am in no position to make demands, but the sight, the smell of your breast so close Mistress Hourglass…. is so, JUST SO……. enticing”.  I remind you that you are in my presence for my pleasure, not yours!  I feel your warm breath, urgently releasing…. caressing my breasts.  Kneeling right down and placing my ear to your chest, I note your heart is pounding. At last, at last, at long last…….. I engulf you in my scent, in the soft folds of my breasts, my nipples popping out from the top of my bra.  I sense a point where you gasp for air and I release the tension, and then renew my position…….. smothering your face, your eyes, your nose, your mouth, the flesh on your face with my erotic female allure…..

What a fortunate visitor to my chamber you are!!