I don’t promise anything I can’t deliver.  What you see here is what you get. In fact I get feedback every now and then along the lines of looking more attractive in the flesh than in my photos.  Now, that makes a refreshing change doesn’t it!

*** If you have just come here to look at my photos, make sure you worship them before leaving. That is the least you can do for Mistress;)***




Gallery 1 – (new**)

‘Toying’ with the riding crop…… and whatever submissives come my way!

Gallery 2 – (new**)

Leather coat and baton……. and feeling VERY mean.

Gallery 3

Pinwheel and CBT ‘glamour’….. whilst slave leans back on the sling I get to have some fun before going out to a ball….. without him!

Gallery 4 – (new**)

Soft Leather Opera Gloves……. all the better for me to touch, stroke, smother you with.

Gallery 5 – (new**)

Tactile Rope…… for me to tie you up in exquisite knots.

Gallery 6 – (new**)

Watching you…….. watching me.

Gallery 16

From the High Stool…. Yes I, Mistress Hourglass am getting limbered up with a selection of my canes, intent on coming into contact with your expectant buttocks. And not leaving it at that, when down, on your back, I will explore your ‘sensitive’ regions with my stiletto heals, the tip of the bamboo, my painted nails and finger/thumb tips….. before getting an electric attachment that is close to hand. Note the back of my shiny black PVC pencil skirt!

Gallery 17

At the Toy Cabinet…. I am in glistening black latex, with a green trim. This outfit has a touch of a Military feel to it, and so does the expression on my face in some of these photos!! But, keep in mind the Cuban fully fashioned stockings and black patent heel stilettos. Here I introduces you to a number of items from the glass display cabinets.

Gallery 18

Under Stripy Black & White stilettos… Very pointy sharp heels engaging with those soft, tender bits, ouch!! Count yourself lucky if you were to find yourself in such circumstances!!

Gallery 19

A selection of shots encompassing a 50’s styled tailored suit in light tweed, black net hat, fox fur…. traveling ‘back to times past’ where women were women and men should have known their place!! A glimpse of seamed, fully fashioned stockings, long cigarette holder, a left hand daintily holding a black dildo. 1950’s Portraits of me, Mistress Hourglass…. in a serene mind set.

Gallery 20

1950’s – with fur, collar/lead & slave….   The “real deal”, a collared slave in tow, connected to me, Mistress Hourglass, by a chain lead, ending up helpless on his knees.


Lead me not into temptation, I can find it just fine myself. – Anonymous