Gallery 7 –

Latex, Nurse… (coming soon – tall cages, anal play, queening, and my endless imagination.)

Gallery 8 –

CP, Cross-Dressing… with LOTS of role-play indulged in.

Gallery 9 –

Strap-On, Body Worship… a privilege for you to partake in. The rounded soft buttocks before you, having you on your knees, and/or bent over, a perk to be earned.

Gallery 10 –

Dildo, Anal Play… are you awaiting a thorough, probing inspection?

Gallery 11 –

(coming soon – More Latex… for all you rubber connoisseurs.)

Gallery 12 –

Feet, Red Shoes… bare & covered, for the undivided attention of your hands, lips, tongue & nose.

Gallery 13 

Knee/Thigh High Boots… glistening, shiny, for all the footwear enthusiasts out there.

Gallery 14 

Chastity, Electrics, Candle Wax, Smoking… Come closer, closer, explore all the exciting options available when you will be UNDER THE CONTROL OF ME, MISTRESS HOURGLASS.

Gallery 15 –

Anal Hook, Spanking…. A large anal hook device with intrusive butt plug device to enforce discipline, ‘no wriggling’ around allowed!! Also, ‘tackie’ spanking as it is called in South Africa, with a naughty (but not so nice) Gordon Scottish Prefect Uniform on. Who said the Scots are dull? Me, Mistress Hourglass bending down and looking directly into the camera.  Absorb ‘that’ look viewer.