I am aware it can be a very big step seeing a Mistress for the first time, 1-to-1 or via Skype.

I offer a gentle introduction to some of the more popular activities, agreed before the session begins. This could include a combination of CP (light spanking), “tie & tease”, anal exploration, sensual nipple play, tactile cock & ball torture…. with some form of body worship. Naturally you will have to work hard during the session to ‘earn’ this.

If you are not sure where to begin you could consider looking at my gallery pages BEFORE contacting me.  I can then probe into your mind and find out what images you felt drawn towards, as well as those you had no interest in. I do not just see anybody, so make an effort and prepare in advance before contacting me.

It goes without saying that it is very important that I consider you to be compatible with my interests.  Of equal importance I need to feel confident that I am the right Mistress for you.