E Q U I P M E N T used 1-to-1 in Central London or via Skype-

Anal Toys: soft leather strap-on dildo harness, 12″ inflatable XL dildo, 8″ inflatable L ribbed dildo, ‘Nessie’ 8″ dildo, 5″ and 6″ dildos, ‘jelly’ & vibrating dildos, power bullets, very thin permeable pencil 6″ and various butt plugs – glass (chelios + artemis)/rubber/vibrating, ‘Euphoria’ male g-spot stimulator, small pony tail butt plug, heavy metal anal plunger.

Cock & Ball Torture (CBT) and Nipple Torture (N/T): ‘Humbler’, ‘Arouser’ vibrator cock ring, cock strap and bullet vibrator, various pegs and ‘chop sticks’, parachute cock ring, ball weights with karabiner 500gr/300gr and others, adjustable ‘C’ and vibrating nipple clamps (adjustable pressure, variable speed), nipple tweezer clamps, ‘Clover’ & ‘Crocodile’ nipple clamps (with adjustable elastic strap to genital ring), adjustable clamps, nipple ‘suckers’, Asian bamboo nipple ‘bites’, as well as steel ones.

Corporal Punishment (CP): canes (White Willow, Kooboo, Dragon, Rattan, natural beech, Tohiti & synthetic), telescopic baton, heavy studded spanker, shoe sole/long oval soft leather paddles, various suede/leather/cock/synthetic braided floggers, large leather/steel chain/dressage/rubber whips, lightweight riding crop, two/three tail leather taws, various brushes, rulers etc.

Bondage: padded wrist & ankle cuffs, leather and steel 4 cuff ‘Hog Tie’ & neck and cuff restraint with chrome bar, straight jacket, ‘Mouth Open’ ring and rubber bit gag, fantasy and stainless steel thumb cuffs (double locking for safety), metal handcuffs (ex-police, rounded edges and secure locks), leather & chain leads, leather collars & studded hoods, ball & penis gags, spreader bar, tongue clamp bar, large PVC sheeting, bondage tape, Japanese silk rope cuffs, soft/hemp/silk bondage rope, blindfolds.

Electro Play: EROSTEK ET-312 box, ‘E-Stim’ electrical play box, 4 electro straps, rubber penis loops, Bipolar pinwheel, 2 Bipolar Electro grips, Classic Bi-Polar Electrode, electric tweezers, ‘Dipstick’ elect sounds and sticky electro pads of various sizes, 16pc ‘Medikus’ violet wand set, ‘Hitachi’ magic wand (with attachments for anal play) etc.

Medical: Individual enema kits, Hegar Uterine Dilator Sounds, anal enema syringe, tongue forceps, chrome chastity device, solid cum-stopper penis plug, ‘Wartenbury’ & ‘7’ metal pinwheel, hot water bottle and ‘Rascal’ enema cleaning kits, stainless steel anal speculum, ‘Pratt’ urethan sound set, stethoscope etc.

Feminization: A selection of latex garments, PVC sissy maid outfits with full net underskirts, various wigs, shoes (+ patent leather court), thigh high patent leather boots, undergarments (stockings & suspenders, slips, panties), corsets, makeup & nail varnish, false eyelashes, jewellery, shaving kit, corsets, ‘plain/sensible’ maid outfits.

Sensation Play: Massage table, VENUS 2000 ‘milking machine’, the COBRA LIBRE, ‘Heat Rub’, fresh ginger root, massage oils, Castle liquid soap (peppermint & lavender), ice, Indian head massager, the ‘DREAMBOX’ (with flashing lighted goggles and accompanying sounds), low heat & household candles, jewelled steel finger and ‘Catnail’ attachments (pointy), herbal cigarettes….. they don’t leave a lingering nasty smell at the Central London Chambers!