Mistress Hourglass is delighted to introduce you to Nanny Alice, her ‘twin sister’ here in Central London, UK.

Why not have a look around her wonderful website for all your adult baby (AB), diaper lover (DL) and little sissy needs, either 1-to-1 or via Skype .




My name is Nanny Alice and my Adult Baby Nursery is fully equipped with everything an adult baby, diaper lover and/or little sissy could dream of.

Custom-made adult baby cot, as well as an adult baby high-chair, secure spacious nappy changing table, examination sling for ‘hospital’ visits, baby harness etc.  

A huge selection of clothing for all my adult babies and sissies, be it satin and lace, plastic pants (printed and plain) and outfits, rompers and onesies (for the boys as well), knee high school shorts, ties, cap, belt and socks, Mary Janes shoes, ballet slippers, camisoles, satin underwear and padded bra sets. The list is endless…  

As my sister Mistress Hourglass mentions, why not have a look around my website www.nannyalice.co.uk and see for yourself.

There is a large range of disposable and soft white, very absorbent terry nappies, baby bottles and dummies with NUK teats.  Beautiful bunnikins bowls and mugs for both little adult baby girls and boys.

Everyone is catered for, not only the adult babies and little ones who desire to regress back to that special magical time, but also the diaper lovers who have a fetish for all things ‘wet’:)

For those of you who like to mix up your adult baby, diaper lover and little sissy needs with BDSM Mistress interests, my adult baby nursery welcomes you. I, Nanny Alice, pay close attention to all the ‘finer’ details so my adult baby nursery will not be forgotten in a hurry!!

Take a ‘peep’ here little ones at my Gallery images and then book a 1-to-1 session in Central London or via Skype –