Strap On Play, Anal Play, Dildo Play…. Ready and waiting for more probing advances.

Fisting, Figging, Prostrate Massage… Mmm, for the more adventurous and curious.

Milking, Orgasm Control….  I decide when, where and how!!

Nipple Torture and/or Nipple Play (N/T, N/P)…. For that delicate pair of buds, now they have a use, to amuse me.

Clamping…. Being put through your paces, in the ‘jaw’ of my focused intent.

Corporal Punishment (CP)… Caning, Flogging, Paddling, Bastinado, OTK Spanking (over the knee)…. I have an eye (and HAND) for detail, ‘wriggling’ not an option!

Slapping, Kicking, Punching, Scratching…. Be very, VERY afraid and TOUGHEN UP under my tutorage.

Queening, Face Sitting, Smothering….  *Panties worn*.  Do you want to be engulfed by buttocks, their roundness, coolness, silkiness, smoothness, all over gorgeousness, EARN it!

Body Worship…. Feet, legs, buttocks, arms, cleavage, all at MY DISCRETION.  My body is a temple, treasure it.

Role Play…. Headmistress, Head Girl, Jailer, Military Personal, Nurse, Secretary, Blackmailer, Interrogator.  My imagination knows no bounds and needs regular stimulation.

‘Tie & Tease’…. You will have an opportunity to learn to LOVE orgasm control and being denied ‘relief’.

Cock & Ball Torture (CBT)….  I will be had by your balls, your cock… LOL.

Foot Worship…. This is just not about my soft, smooth heals, instep, toes etc being given the once over, or should I say ALL OVER, sniffed, rubbed, massaged, foot on feet (a feast!) as well as sucked…. These tooties +++ all made for TLC.

Shoe & Boot Worship…. For the discerning eager tongue awaiting instructions as to how to proceed.

Trampling, Scissoring…. My supreme weight exploring, bare feet kneading, stiletto heal digging into your awaiting flesh.

Watersports/Golden Showers… Free standing or under a Water Throne. My treasured golden nectar, a running stream of delight that can go on and on, endlessly.

Basic Toilet Training.… Involving nectar, spitting, eating pre-chewed food off the floor etc. Let’s see what you are made of, walk the talk!

Feminine Transformation…. I will get to grips with all your hidden, latent sissy tendencies, bows and curtsies, plus lots of lipstick all emphasized.

Forced Feminization, Condom Cleaning, ‘Dildo’ Worship…. For the pathetic girly creature you are.

‘Sissy Maid’ Training…. Designed to delight Mistress with your progress, and if there is a lack of it, I will shape you up!

Pantie Fetish/Pantie Sniffing…. Needing to discover a ‘silky satin’ pantie drawer and your inner girly self, as well as lead your nose to ‘inner’ delights?

Corset Fetish/Training…. My trademark and your ideal, 18″.

Long Hair Fetish…. So much thick glossy hair.

Hair Removal … Now it’s your turn to realise you have to suffer for beauty, for Me, Mistress Hourglass.

Hot Wax & Ice Play… I just love sensation play, to engage in contrasts and to see and feel your quivering surprise (if blindfolded).

Humiliation…. Having you squirming under my intense gaze as I put you through your paces. Public humiliation is available to past visitors to my chamber only.

Objectification…. Of you, NOT me. Remember your place, as a foot stool, an arm rest etc.

Leather, Latex & PVC Fetish…. I am on a mission, shimmering and glowing, with the unique smells and feel of these garments encased around my shapely form.

Medical Play … Enemas, sounds, catheters/internal examinations, cupping etc. Let me probe you deeply, a certain ‘style’ of nursing suits me… LOL.

Electro Play….. There is a fine line between ‘pain and pleasure’ which I will explore and you will realise.

Smoking Fetish and Human Ashtray Degradation)…. This is not an opportunity for you to light up!! It’s my call.

Mummification, Cling Film…. All wrapped up, cocooned, and nowhere to go, until I decide to release you.

Sensory Depravation…. Your being disorientated, confused, what an exciting prospect for ME!!

Ticking Play…. This is no laughing matter, do not underestimate the power of my touch.

Chastity & Key-holding Service…. Handing over total control to me, a woman on a mission, converting you to the cult of enforced celibacy.

Basic Rope Bondage…. Using my sensual Japanese silk rope.

TV JOANNA AVAILABLE (pre-booking required). See her here in one of my galleries and here in my blog.

DOUBLE-DOMMING AVAILABLE (pre-booking required).

Do you have an unusual interest, BDSM activity, fetish etc not listed above that you would like me, Mistress Hourglass to consider in either a 1-to-1 or Skype? I’m ‘all ears’.



“Two things are wanted by a true man, danger & play – therefore, he seeks a woman as the most dangerous toy”. Friedrich Nietzsche

“There are two types of women: those who want power in the world, and those who want power in the bedroom”. Pablo Picasso