Here we are, 2 blondes, myself, Mistress Hourglass……. and Joanna.

Joanna is a very, VERY naughty girl, and just can’t help herself.  Even when under my strict instructions……….. she gets carried away at the slightest excuse!!


Just look at her, bending forward like that.  How many times have I told her to wear a longer skirt (well, not that many)!! Mind you, please note her beautiful long toned legs and pert bottom……. As you may have noticed, Joanna is a shy girl (… lol), but she blossoms in my company and gets up to all sorts of mischief.  Very easily lead, is my friend Joanna;) Definitely the sort of girl your mum told you to stay far away from!!!




I like to keep Joanna very busy as she gets bored easily.

Joanna is a very good friend of mine, and tries very hard to please.  She is also wayward and in need of strict discipline.  The things she gets up to………… Mistress has her hands full with Joanna and if you were to join us, I would have to keep a close, CLOSE eye on proceedings!

 And now for some glamour shots…… looking angelic, on location in an exotic hot climate, bending over the zebra couch!!, adding a bit of ‘spice’ to proceedings with her whip, legs crossed in a demure pose, and there is much, much more that makes Joanna blush at the thought of (watch this space)…
















Booking made to see myself & Joanna need to be pre-booked.

If I have not sessioned with you before, a small deposit is necessary.


And finally, once again showing a glimpse of her stocking & suspenders, with a beautiful bottom peeping out under a VERY SHORT skirt;)